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Berberis ERP & CRM System - Introduction

Berberis is an innovative ERP system. Contrary to the majority of ERP's focusing mostly on managing products and resources, Berberis is a process-oriented solution with Mr. Customer playing the central role in it. Berberis helps you to improve quality of serving your customers, thus increasing the overall efficiency and decreasing costs of your business.

Moreover, Berberis has been constantly developed, its flexibility and functionality growing all the time and the direction of this growth is pointed out not just by our designers, but mostly by our customers' needs.


If you feel that managing your enterprise needs improvements, don't wait!

Berberis ERP CRM BPM - windows


When starting to develop Berberis, in 2000, we already had quite an experience in constructing software solutions for big enterprises. We decided to create a CRM system, joining together good organization patterns, typical for corporations with the flexibility required by SME. During all those years the system has evolved to become finally something what people call ERP. However, Mr Customer has always occupied a central position in it.

As to CRM systems, Berberis has always been different from the majority of them – the so-called customer's card was not a fundamental entity, but rather just one of several possible views of data. The concept of a modern, multidimensional view of collected information allows the user to make quickly every cross-section he needs, not only on the analytical level, but also on the operational one.

Parallel to working on typical CRM functions we have been doing our best to develop also sales support module, since sales crowns each sequence of customer related activities. On the other hand, sales needs store management and manufacturing, thus, as a result, we have managed to build a universal system meeting important needs of every enterprise. Alternatively, Berberis can interchange data with external accountancy software, provided the appropriate interfaces have been specified by its manufacturers.


Scheme of Berberis logical dependencies

Scheme of Berberis logical dependencies

Berberis is be powered by PostgreSQL database management system to be installed on Windows or Linux server.

Berberis supports various kinds of businesses: trade companies, services, manufacturers. It can operate on a few machines as well as on a few hundreds of them. However, the larger number of users, the more evident the profits – Berberis supports the group work, work flow and procedures (e.g., ISO 9001:2000).

For the description of system functionalities see this page.



Our software is being used by thousands of companies and other institutions.


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