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Berberis SP

Berberis ERP & CRM System - Mobile applications

Berberis SP is a part of Berberis ERP system. The application is dedicated for sales representatives working outside the company. By means of it they can collect (off-line) sales orders when visiting their customers and send those orders to the main server on demand. The application can be installed on smartphones or tablets with either Android or IOS.


Full list of customers stored in the database of Berberis CRM & ERP system

  • List of customers

  • Searching the list with respect to the customer's name or address

  • 'Customer Details' form

  • Dialing customer's phone number or sending him e-mails directly from the 'Customer Details' form

Sales orders

  • Full list of goods and services offered by the company

  • Searching the list with respect to the names or codes

  • A detailed information on each product

  • Assigning discounts

  • A convenient view of the net price, the price with a discount and the total of each order

  • Entering (off-line) new orders and putting them into the customer's cart

Customer's cart

  • Viewing and editing the customer's cart

  • A list of all orders with 'to send' status

  • Uploading orders on demand

  • Automatic synchronization with the server data


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