Our Berberis bush consists of

Berberis ERP & CRM System - Modules
Stalk of Berberis

Tignum - Stalk, Customer care, organization of work (operational CRM)

As Mr. Customer is the most important person in each company, he also plays the central role in our system, which entire structure is based on this module.

Flower of Berberis


Flos - Flower, Sales
A flower is a crown of a stalk, and sales crowns the efforts of sales people. Finally, an issued invoice is what the company management really expects.


Root of Berberis


Radix - Root, Warehousing
The backstage of the system, hidden like a root under the ground. However, without it functioning of a company would hardly be possible.


Branch of Berberis


Ramus - Branch, Support of manufacturing
This module supports management of entire manufacturing process, starting from an operation sheet.

Bark of Berberis  
Cortex - Bark, Service

A supplementary part of a plant - in a sense, of course. Nevertheless, proper customer servicing is a fair background for further cooperation.

Spike of Berberis


Spina - Spike, Administrative tool
This module allows you to parametrize the system and grant user rights. Thus, just like thorns, it protects confidential data from an unauthorized access.

Leaf of Berberis


Folium - Leaf, Finance
Managing worktime, expenses, dues and liabilities is very important for each company - as important as are leaves for a plant.

Fruit of Berberis  

Bacca - Fruit, Data analysis and reporting (analytic CRM)
Information on custmers and on the company itself is the fruit of collecting data processes. This module provides configurable cross-section reports.


Granum - Seed, application server
A new plant sprouts out of it, slightly different from the original one. The module provides web browsers, mobile devices etc. with selected  functionalities.


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