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There are two methods:

1. The method known since a few years, but still not quite common

Imagine, you have just sent a serial mailing. If someone visits your website in response to it, we will let you know. It's obvious. However, we will let you know also if that someone forgets you at all, and month later starts browsing your website redirected, say, from Google, where he or she has been looking for goods or services offered also by you.

2. The new method, invented by our company

There is no need to send any serial mailing at all. The only important thing is that your potential customers are enterprises, public institutions, organizations etc. Then we will be able to identify some of them visiting your website. Alas, our net is not very dense, so small fishes get through it with ease, but those bigger ones (not necessarily as big as sharks) are being caught.

By automatically analyzing various data published in the internet, we will try to tell you, what companies or institutions are hidden behind the IP addresses registered by your website (quite often they are officially assigned just to internet providers). Of course, there is no guarantee that we will always do this correctly, but:

- what is your risk?

that your salesperson will sometimes call a company not interested in your products;

- what is your benefit?

the efficiency much higher than in the case of a usual telemarketing.


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