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Berberis ERP & CRM System - Web access

To fully access our CRM & ERP system through a web browser you need the Microsoft Windows Terminal Server. Obviously, thethree-layer web architecture makes administrators' life easier, but it always implies an unfavorable balance of computational power between the server and the workstations.

Roughly speaking, the local machines remain lazy, while most of their tasks must be done by the server, what in turnmakes it quite expensive, especially in case of large installations. Thus, such an approach can hardly be recommended if Berberis is intended to be used within a company only. However, things change dramatically, if some elements of the software should be available for external users e.g., customers or business partners. Those are not eager to install any extra software on their computers, but, on the other hand, they have no interest in all CRM or ERP functionalities. Contrary, they only need some selected services e.g., the interchange of tasks and documents, ordering goods or checking in stock quantities.

So, this exactly can be done by means of our Application Server

Granum.jpg  Granum

Based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) concept, it allows external users to access through their web browsers our easy-to-use applications, included in the whole of CRM & ERP system. Moreover, it is Granum module, which governs mobile applications developed by our company i.e., the applicationsto be installed on smartphones, tablets or various special devices like e.g., barcode readers.


Tasks Application


The application supports workflow and document flow, in a sense outside companies using our system e.g., at their business partners.



Confirming task completion

Attaching documents to tasks


List of tasks assigned to other users, 

with the status: 'to complete'

or 'completed'


Tasks is an open source application and it can be used free of charge.


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